Going Positive

By: Sergio A. Lagunas

A lot people and news stations are talking about the environment and politics. People are talking about being broke, and businesses are talking about going green (environmentally friendly). All the while I sit here thinking about going positive. Being positive can make life easier. It might even be scientifically proven that being positive can bring you more peace and tranquility to your life. I am not talking about becoming optimistic or idealistic. I am talking about going positive. Positive is the opposite of negative. You see, I am not preaching on making everyone into optimists, but I am describing the ideal mentality or the best way of approaching everyday situations. When I go to the supermarket, and I notice that the person in front of me keeps making things more complicated by paying with a check, asking for cash back, returning items back to the shelves, picking out new items from nearby shelves, and asking to check the price of the new items, then choosing last minute not to buy the new chosen items, then one must not panic or feel frustrated. I know it is sometimes a hard task to be polite and welcome these random events into our lives. But, instead of being polite, why not go positive in this situation. Going positive means being humane and understanding. It means interacting with other people in a peaceful manner with out provoking a challenge or a threat.


Being peaceful is being positive. Positive thinking is the opposite of negative thinking. This is the transition from entertainment to contribution. I have observed human life and the way people interact with others, and I have found that most negative thinkers like to provoke others. Last week, I saw a woman causing trouble at the bus station by claiming that the bus driver had pushed her wheelchair causing her to crash with others lining up to enter the vehicle. She tried to make everyone in the line, women, men, children, teens, and a baby, become negative thinkers and join her rampant protest. These oncoming passengers had a small impatience due to the transit being late, but luckily no one followed her negative approach to this life event. I was fortunate enough to witness the scene of everyday people going positive.

Being positive and peaceful is not semblance to being apathetic or careless. Apathy is not feeling anything for any certain situation. It is also the act of being passive and not giving any attention to something that may affect you personally directly or indirectly. Going positive is becoming a better person, which is a benefit to you and to everyone around you.

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